“Cushioned with Stories” – Bringing News about a Festival and an Exceptional Venture

Imagine a cosy yurt, lined with thick carpets, colourful traditional folkweaves, in which live oral storytelling is going on day and night for 100 hours. Isn’t it a compelling idea? Isn’t it the dream of any storyteller, especially these days, to have opportunity to meet listeners arriving in person, flesh and blood, breathing the same air, sitting together in a circle?

““Cushioned with Stories” – Bringing News about a Festival and an Exceptional Venture” A teljes bejegyzés megtekintése


Old Tales – Modern Times (Part 2)

A Revival Storyteller

As an oral storyteller, and a founding member of the Meseszó Association of Hungarian Storytelling and Oral Folklore, I research the stories of Hungarian oral tradition, and study the story-crafting of the great old masters of storytelling. In this the second part of my article (The first part can be found in Facts and Fiction, May 2021) I would like to explore some aspects of carrying on the oral tradition of storytelling in the context of a modern-day revival storytelling movement. “Old Tales – Modern Times (Part 2)” A teljes bejegyzés megtekintése


Folktales Living Within Us

As a scholarship holder of the Research Institute of Art Theory and Methodology of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, I am implementing a three-year storytelling program. As part of this program, I undertook to provide methodological training for educators and students in teacher education entitled “Oral Folktale and Storytelling in Pedagogy”. In this three-year program, Dr. Ildikó Sándor participates as an ethnographer and storyteller mentor and helps my work. “Folktales Living Within Us” A teljes bejegyzés megtekintése